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Apologia Homeschool Science

Apologia’s K-12 homeschool science curriculum has been voted #1 by the homeschool community.

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Written from a Biblical worldview, the Apologia Christian science courses don’t teach isolated facts to be memorized for exams; they put facts into a larger contextual perspective so that students can see the purpose of learning those facts. The curriculum is written in a conversational tone to help students learn to speak comfortably about a topic, as well as gain the ability to explain scientific concepts in their own words.

Your student can succeed because the philosophy of Apologia is designed as a curriculum that has your student in mind. A solid curriculum reaches out to a student and draws them into the subject matter. Apologia recognizes the different learning styles of students and creates a hands-on science curriculum to help all students achieve personal success.

A child taught from a creation-based philosophy has a solid foundation and knows that no part of scientific study is done in isolation. Nothing is independent, but rather all things are interrelated in our universe. That includes atoms, bacteria, plants, animals, people, and galaxies that will take lifetimes to fully explore and understand scientifically.

Creation-based science in our homeschools gives our children a fuller awareness of themselves, their world, their universe, and ultimately a personal understanding of their unique existence in the universe. The handiwork of God, everything visible and invisible, next to us or in the farthest reaches of the universe, is connected throughout all of creation, throughout all of time.